We encourage men throughout the country to join us on October 18th, 2018 for the 3rd annual Moose Hide Campaign National Gathering and Day of Fasting.

On October 18, 2018 there will be a Moose Hide Campaign gathering in Ottawa where men will fast together. However, many men will also fast in their home communities. This is an essential part of the Moose Hide Campaign and we want to ensure you are supported as you fast wherever you are. Here are some ideas to support you in your fast.

Please first read our Fasting Guide

First of all, if you decide to fast to demonstrate a personal commitment to honor and protect the woman and children in your families, organizations, communities, thank you for your courage and commitment. We fast to challenge ourselves to stand by our convictions.

In the Fasting Guide, you will read about setting your intention. This is an important first set and will help clarify your experience throughout the day.

If you are fasting in our community, we recommend you do not fast alone. Part of the Moose Hide Campaign fasting ceremony is to go through this experience with other men and to share the experience with your friends, family and colleagues. It may also be helpful to call upon local “elders” or other mentors/guides that you feel can help hold the intention of the day.

As you will read in the Fasting Guide, there is no set formula for the Moose Hide Campaign fasting day that “must” be followed. However, we encourage you to find others who will join you in the fast and we recommend getting together for a check in(s) in the weeks and or days leading up to the fast. If you decide to do this alone, please let others know you are doing this and create some space for yourself to take breaks and reflection time, and ideally have someone you can check in with during the day for support. You will not be alone, men throughout BC will be doing this as well.

We also ask that you wear the moose hide pins, not only for this day but every day, and “wear and share” about the Moose Hide Campaign and in particular what it means to you.

It is an absolute must that you put your physical well-being first in this ceremony. While fasting is intended to be a challenge it should never be harmful. So again, if you are fasting in a small group, make sure you are checking in with each other during the day.

If you decide to fast alone, please ensure you have someone to can talk to for support or guidance during the day.

Please make sure you are tending to your physical needs, which may include some water or even food if needed, particularly if you have any medical conditions that could cause complications for your fast. While the challenge is to go without water, please only do so if you are confident that it will not in any way negatively impact you. It is perfectly fine to drink water, juice or tea, particularly if you are feeling any adverse effects or have any conditions that might be impacted by fasting.

Also in the Fasting Guide, you will read about “Breaking the Fast”. We recommend you start slowly with some water and simple food and slowly introduce larger amounts of food.

Also, please have someone you can check in with as you break your fast, to share your experience and thoughts, and to make sure you are physically well at the end of the fast.

Again, please read the Fasting Guide for a more complete overview, and thank you for committing to fast as a means of showing your commitment to honor and protect the woman and children in your lives and to help stop violence across Canada.

If you have any questions about the fast or the Moose Hide Campaign, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.