Moose Hide campaign volunteer

Get involved

Start campaigning and address violence towards women and children in your community.

Everyone is welcome to take part. We are so grateful for every action taken, great and small.

  • Order pins

    Order your pins now and start wearing and sharing the moose hide patch. Delivered free anywhere in Canada and the US, they come in batches of 25 so you can share this medicine with the people in your life. Order a small number for friends and family or bulk-order for a larger campaign.
  • Campaign Day

    Get involved in Moose Hide Campaign annual day of gathering, ceremony and fasting where we take action to end violence. Join workshops and hear from leading voices, take part in the Fast to End Violence, join national online and in-person events or host your own.
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  • Donate now

    We commit to provide moose hide pins to whoever needs them, totally free. Your donations help make that possible. They also help fund key education projects, bringing anti-violence work into Canadian schools.
  • Make a pledge

    Show your commitment to ending violence against women and children by sending us your pledge. Record it, write it, post it on social media with #MooseHidePledge
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Start a campaign

Set up your own Moose Hide Campaign in the community you care about.

Distribute pins, host a kiosk, organize events, set-up a men’s group. We’ve got plenty of ideas and resources to help you start making an impact.

Bring the campaign to:

  • Your work
  • Your community
  • Your school
  • And, anywhere you want to make a difference

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  • Wear your hide online

    During COVID-19 whilst domestic violence is at a record high, we ask that you wear your hide online. Stay safe and raise awareness in your online meetings.
  • Shop for gear

    Visit our shop to order your very own moose hide gear, from t-shirts to moose hide masks. A percentage of net proceeds support our education projects.
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