The Ten Men Challenge is a program designed to engage young men and encourage them to pledge to stand up against violence towards women and children.  It is a practical example of Reconciliation in Action and will promote and facilitate the growth of the Moose Hide Campaign in secondary schools across the country.Young men sitting around table

The program was started in mid 2016, and the first Ten Men Challenge pilot project was launched by Raven and Paul Lacerte in Fraser Lake on April 27, 2017 at the invitation of the Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary School (FLESS). 

As part of the challenge 10 male students from grades 9 to 11, referred to as the “10 Men”, volunteered to fast for one day.  During the pilot challenge, T-shirts were provided to each participant and a two-hour school wide assembly was held with invitations to all local and regional elected officials and local stakeholders, with over 450 people in attendance.

First Nations Protocols were followed and the event featured a keynote address by Paul and Raven Lacerte, First Nations dancers and a Feast at sundown to break the fast for the 10 Men. The event was resounding success for both the participants and the student body and people in attendance. As part of refining our educational programing for younger audiences we are developing a promotional video and tool-kit to assist other secondary schools in conducting their own Ten-Men Challenges.

The students in the 10 Men challenge program participate in follow-up workshops and 10 Men challenge programs to measure the success of the program. Each student is required to mentor the next cohort of students until they graduate from school.

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