In 2017 the MBA Games partnered with the Moose Hide Campaign for the first time. At the next MBA Games in January 2018, the University of Ottawa will continue this tradition and partner once more with the Moose Hide Campaign, in solidarity for Canada’s 150th year, united under the theme of “More Together” to share ideas and innovate for a better future.

2018 MBA Games “More Together”

With business schools across the country participating, the games bring together the best and brightest MBA students to take part in a series of events that challenge their academic acumen, athletic prowess, and team spirit for the chance to win the Queen’s Cup.

The coming year marks the 30th year of the MBA Games and for the very first time in their history, they will be held in Ottawa, Ontario. As the largest gathering of MBA candidates in Canada, the national MBA Games aims to build our capacity to be future leaders and to serve our communities.

While the main event will take place in the National Capital, several elements of the competition start in late 2017, providing a valuable opportunity for participants to raise awareness in their own towns and cities so that our collective efforts to help the Moose Hide Campaign benefits from as broad a national outreach as possible.


Safe Space, Safe Place

To support the Moose Hide Campaign and help achieve their key objectives, we are thrilled to announce that funds raised throughout the national MBA Games will be used to support and further the national Moose Hide signature initiative called “Safe Space, Safe Place”. This initiative targets university campuses across the country. The “Safe Space, Safe Place” initiative was launched following the 2017 MBA Games and will be available to all Canadian universities.

“The goal of the Safe Space, Safe Place Initiative is to end all forms of violence towards women on University campuses by creating safe spaces and safe places on campus; by fostering reconciliation through dialogue, healing, and mutual understanding.”