2018 Provincial Moose Hide Campaign Gathering


Moose Hide Provincial Gathering and Day of Fasting

On Feb.15th, 2018, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men and women will meet for the 7th consecutive year in Victoria, BC, to stand together to end violence against Women and Children. 

As part of this day of action, thousands of men from across the province will fast.  Everyone is invited to participate in the workshops, healing circles for men and women, and a fast-breaking ceremony to honour those that committed to fast for the day.  

The One Day Fast is for men to refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset. This simple act of sacrifice is a way of showing empathy for women who endure violence in their lives and for fasters to demonstrate the strength of their commitment to end violence against Women and Children.




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Towards Aboriginal Women and Children


We are thrilled to announce that funds raised throughout the national MBA Games will be used to support and further the national Moose Hide program called “Safe Space, Safe Place.

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The Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Men who are standing up against violence towards women and children.

Wearing this moose hide signifies your commitment to honour, respect, and protect the women and children in your life and to work together with other men to end violence against women and children.

Our vision is to spread the Moose Hide Campaign to organizations, communities, and governments throughout Canada.

Our Mission

Our Goal is to end violence towards women and children. To help achieve this, the Moose Hide Campaign will distribute 1 Million Moose Hide squares across Canada.

  • We will stand up with women and children and we will speak out against violence towards them.
  • We will support each other as men and we will hold each other accountable.
  • We will teach our young boys about the true meaning of love and respect, and we will be healthy role models for them.
  • We will heal ourselves as men and we will support our brothers on their healing journey.
  • We encourage you to Take Action, Make the pledge, and Stand up to end violence towards women and children.

What can you do?

One of the most important things that you can do to help end violence against Aboriginal Women and Children is to promote gender equity, healthy relationships, and positive ideas of masculinity by speaking out against gender-based violence.


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  • image To engage Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men to stand up and speak out about the violence committed against the women and children in our communities.

    Our Mission

  • image Compassion, Healing, Understanding. Providing a safe vehicle for men to discuss the issue without judgement or boundaries.

    Our Values

  • image To use our cultural teachings to motivate and enlighten men to our indigenous ways of being ultimately changing the cycles of violence in our communities.

    Our Solution

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