Moose Hide Information card and patch

Moose Hide Information card and pin

All moose hide squares come from traditional hunters who hunt moose for food and ceremonial purposes, or from animals who have died in road accidents. No animals are hunted specifically to supply hides for the Moose Hide Campaign.

The patches are produced with care by Indigenous women who are deeply committed to the protection of women and children and who value the living origins of the patches. Making the patches provides a valuable source of income for the women involved.

Each card is created with the heart-felt wish for a future where men and boys honour, protect and care for the woman and girls in their lives.

Your donation will go towards the production of Moose Hide cards and pins to spread awareness of the campaign.  The moose hides are purchased from moose traditionally harvested for food, or from moose killed accidentally on highways and roads.

By donating to help the production of Moose Hide cards, you are helping to spread awareness of domestic and gender based violence in Canada. Since 2011 we've distributed over three million cards!  Help us reach our next goal of 10,000,000 cards.

You can donate through PayPal, or through SquareUp if you would just like to use a credit card.

Moose Hide Foundation Education Initiatives

Education is the key to ending violence against women and children in a broad and systemic manner: one person at a time.

Help our future generations of men learn to honour, love and respect the women and girls in their lives. 

Experience tells us that learning values and perceptions happen at a very early age. When done in an open, ethical and non-judgmental space, education can be a powerful platform for students to examine their own biases and those of their family and community. The Moose Hide Learning Journey is designed to support teachers in offering just such a learning environment while providing students with opportunities to explore alternative values and perspectives that respect and honour women and children.

Your donation supports the development of the Moose Hide K-12 Learning Platform as an open-source resource for teachers across the country.

You can donate via PayPal or through SquareUp if you would just like to use a credit card.