Branding and Logo Usage

Working with the Moose Hide Campaign to create change across Canada

Our logo was created by Carey Newman and gifted to the campaign in 2011. We all must respect the inherent rights of the artist’s original work and the traditional protocols that govern the sharing of cultural art.

Therefore, beyond the four versions provided (black on white, white on black, brown and colour), the logo cannot be altered in any way. Do not re-colour it, disform its shape or crop out any part of it.

Also, a safe margin of space should be given around the logo, the equivalent of a third of the moose head.

You can download our logo in various forms below. If you need higher resolutions, please contact: [email protected]


We have prepared a zipped folder of our logo in colour, black or white depending upon the background.

PLEASE NOTE: The logo was designed by Carey Newman and gifted to the Moose Hide Campaign. Please do not alter or modify the logo from its original form and layout.

Click on the image to download the zipped file.

Contact us, if you require our logo in vector format.