Each Pin Sparks 5 Conversations

Moose hide pins shine a light into the shadows of a devastating social illness impacting all Canadians

Worn as a commitment to honour, respect and protect the women and children in your life, pins are completely free and come in batches of 25 so you can spread the word of the campaign. We also offer the option of animal-free pins.

We provide these pins and information cards as a free gift of medicine. In return, we ask you to not sell them for any amount of money – and consider doing the following:


  • Share a photo of yourself wearing a pin on social media and tagging us!
  • Carry extra pins with you to share with those who ask you about it.
  • Donating towards future moose hide pin production and distribution.

Pins Gifted Out

EACH PIN SPARKS at least 5 conversations

that’s at least 20M conversations!

ORDER your free moose hide pins below. They come in batches of 25, and we encourage you to order extra to pass out!

The Moose Hide Pin – A Gift of Medicine
The Moose Hide Pin – A Gift of Medicine

The heart of the Moose Hide Campaign is the pin - a small square of moose hide that we offer as a medicine for a social illness impacting all Canadians - namely domestic and gender-based violence against women and children, and particularly indigenous women and...

Changing The World, One Pin at a Time
Changing The World, One Pin at a Time

Teale Phelps Bondaroff describes himself as an “activist academic.” His impressive breadth of work is hard to whittle down to one category. He’s a Councillor for the District of Saanich. He’s the Director of Research for the marine conservation organization...