As this year’s Moose Hide Campaign Day approaches on May 16, there’s still time to get your pin and participate in this meaningful push to end gender-based violence.

With the support of individuals like you, and through key partnerships with organizations including TELUS, we’ve come a long way since we began in 2011, sparking millions of conversations that are making workplaces and communities safer, more inclusive and free of gender-based violence.

And we’re not finished yet. There are still millions of people in Canada who we need to reach with this critical message. Here are three ways you can get involved before, during and after May 16 to help create lasting and meaningful change.

Last Minute Pin Pickup at TELUS Stores

While pins are always a free gift of medicine you can order in batches of 25, you can also pick up an individual pin in person at one of the 288 TELUS stores across Canada while supplies last.

TELUS was one of the first multi-year corporate sponsors to support the Moose Hide Campaign with funding, resources and platforms to reach more people, both at TELUS and across the communities it serves. This was in direct response to the 231 Calls for Justice, and demonstrates TELUS’ longstanding commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

In 2021, TELUS became the first technology company in Canada to publicly commit to a formal reconciliation action plan. Each year, the company reports on its progress, holding itself accountable to its promises, sharing success stories and inspiring others to do their part.

Last year, TELUS retail stores helped give out 8,300 pins to customers during campaign week, each one sparking at least five conversations and helping to move the needle on cultural sensitivity, anti-racism and healthy masculinity. We are so proud of this fruitful partnership and of the ways that we continue to deepen it year after year.

Participate in Campaign Day

May 16 will be a day filled with sunrise ceremonies, walks to end violence, communal fast-breaking, sharing circles and workshops taking place across Canada to mark Campaign Day. You’ll find TELUS team members participating in Victoria, Burnaby, Edmonton, Calgary, St. John’s and more.

Find out what’s happening in your community and how you can participate in-person. Better yet, invite a friend or two to go with you. Gather with people in your local community to stand up against violence, to learn more about the issue and to draw attention to how each of us has a role to play in changing the status quo.

There will also be a virtual livestream of the ceremony in Victoria, B.C. for those who would like to participate remotely.

Continue the Movement’s Momentum

Think about one or two actions you can take as an individual, or in partnership with other people or organizations, to continue sharing this message throughout the year.

TELUS, as an example, has been hosting a series of in-person, roundtable events with leaders and team members across the country to have exactly these kinds of discussions. They are committed to creating space for respectful dialogue that address the need to end gender-based violence, and these sessions are dedicated time for discussion about practical ways to achieve this. TELUS has also invited us at Moose Hide Campaign to be part of two virtual workshops to facilitate deeper learning and understanding of this movement. Learn more about becoming a partner of the Moose Hide Campaign here.

Ending violence begins with all of us. We each belong to a multitude of communities, as neighbours, parents, siblings, children, teammates, colleagues, mentors and friends. How can you empower yourself and encourage others in those spaces to take the small but necessary steps toward ending violence? Commit to making one of those each week or month.

Thank you to each individual who proudly wears their moose hide pin, to every teacher who has shared this initiative and its important message with their students, and to each organization that has joined us in making this campaign to end violence against women and girls a priority.

For more information about the campaign and how you can carry the Moose Hide momentum forward, visit and share details about Campaign Day.