Elder and kids at Moose Hide event

Our impact

Our campaigners are starting conversations and building safer communities across Canada.


Million pins

Since 2011, more than 3 million pins have been distributed free of charge.


Studies have shown that each pin generates 5 conversations about ending violence.


Thousands of communities and organizations across Canada have joined the Moose Hide Campaign.

The Power of the Pin

We’re bringing Indigenous medicine to help cure a Canadian illness.

According to our research, on average each moose hide pin starts 10 conversations. So that’s 30 million conversations about ending violence that wouldn’t have happened.

More people are talking about addressing violence against Indigenous women and girls, about tackling systemic racism and working towards reconciliation, about the path to healthier masculinities.

We aim to have distributed 10 million moose hides by the end of 2023.


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Moose hide kiosk

It’s deeper than wearing it. It’s living it every day. It’s being a champion in my circle of friends, in my community, in my Nation, to say, ‘I will stand up against violence against women.'

Carman Dutz RCMP officer, Whati, NT

Moose Hide Campaign Day

Our gatherings are a chance for people to come together and connect – to hear from leaders in the anti-violence movement, to enter a dialogue and experience Indigenous ceremony together.

The #FastToEndViolence sees thousands go without food for the day to show their commitment to the cause and to raise awareness. Many walk away feeling a significant emotional impact and greater connection to the movement.

To share these stories with my students is to build empathy and bridge the gap in our society. We should all take social issues on as our own so we can find solutions to systemic injustices.Teacher in Vancouver

Moose hide impact stats

I ended up being in a sharing circle with all women, which was one of the most intense experiences of the day. I was surprised and incredibly humbled about how much these women shared with our group. It was a life-changing moment for myself on how violence against women and children affects and touches each and every one of us.'

Provincial gathering attendee

Local Campaigning

Ordinary citizens are being inspired by the campaign across the country and taking it up as their own.

Over 1,000 local campaigns have started - many holding their own satellite events and forming men’s talking groups to tackle violence in the community.

Most people in my government office understand what the pin means, so most conversations about it happen out in the community.Government employee

Young men at a Moose Hide kiosk

First responders wearing pin

Cross-sector engagement

We work closely with different sectors, embedding the campaign into national and provincial governments, businesses, schools, universities and Indigenous communities.