the journey of Reconciliation

end gender-based violence by creating safer communities across Canada 

The journey of reconciliation is an ongoing process that we warmly invite all Canadian to participate in.

Get your team involved

It’s free and easy to invite your workplace to the Moose Hide Campaign. Here are ways you can show support and start conversations at work:

Wear and share the Moose Hide pin
Share the pin and start the conversations. Order them for free! (animal free versions also available)

Set up a campaign kiosk at work
Hosting a kiosk is a great way to raise awareness about the MHC and the issue of violence towards women and children. Find information and resources to support you.

Bring the Moose Hide Campaign Day to the office
Join the livestream of Campaign Day on May 16, 2024 and invite your workmates. Enjoy a day of ceremony, inspiring speakers and workshops focused on healing and change. It’s a wonderful opportunity to offer reconciliation-focused professional development! 

Organize your own Moose Hide Campaign event
Host a #WalkToEndViolence with your team.  Challenge another department or company to join you and share the message even wider. Find information on how to implement a walk.

Encourage Your Company to Lead
We know that many Canadians care about erasing gender-based violence from Canadian society and are committed to reconciliation. We invite leaders from all sectors to partner with us and find ways to truly stand against violence. Reach out to start a conversation

Please reach out if you have any questions
We are here to support you as you stand up against gender-based and domestic violence and journey towards reconciliation. Or just reach out to let us know about your awesome initiatives – as a grassroots organization, we are always deeply honoured and encouraged to hear about organisations standing with us.

For more information:

[email protected]

Listen to what the students want to learn
Listen to what the students want to learn

Rutland Middle School staff and students describe their Walk to End Violence on Moosehide Campaign Day with one simple word: goosebumps. The school is in Kelowna, B.C., with a population of 500 students. Approximately 150 of those are Indigenous students. On Moose...

A circle for change
A circle for change

Cathy Lindsay believes in the power of inclusiveness to create real change.Lindsay is an Elder from Kenora, Ontario, who will be speaking at the Ne-Chee FriendshipCentre’s Moose Hide Campaign Day event on May 11. She recalls an event with a sharing circle years ago....

Dominic Paul – The Future Generation
Dominic Paul – The Future Generation

Dominic Paul remembers the first time he fasted from dawn to dusk. It was part of the Moose Hide Campaign Day Fast to End Violence almost a decade ago. The campaign was just getting off the ground, and there were only a dozen or so participants at the event in...

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