The Moose Hide Campaign partnered with VIU to launch the Know More Campaign, an education program to raise awareness about sexual misconduct, consent and a healthy campus culture. The Know More Campaign is part of Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) commitment to creating a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment free from sexual misconduct. Throughout the summer of 2017, members of VIU’s Sexual Conduct Education and Response Steering Committee (SCERSC) worked to develop educational material and a promotional/social media strategy in preparation for the launch of the Know More Campaign during the September orientation week.

SCERSC members worked with VIU’s Marketing and Communications department to develop educational material which included resource cards for individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct or have received disclosures of sexual misconduct, resource cards about consent, as well as posters, buttons, t-shirts, a pop-up floor banner and “Stall Street Journals” for washrooms.

The project showed the commitment of the university to creating a respectful, safe and supportive learning, working and living environment where members of the university community are free from sexual violence and sexual misconduct. The ‘Know More” campaign encourages students and employees to join the conversation by knowing more about ‘Support’ (Know Support), which involves educating the community about steps they can take and resources they can access for support and assistance if they have experienced sexual violence and knowing more about ‘Consent’ (Know Consent), which involves educating the university community about their personal boundaries and making consent a part of everyone’s daily life. Members of the VIU community are invited to join in the conversation about sexual violence, as these conversations help to raise awareness about sexual violence, consent, support services and lets the survivors know that they are not alone. This project has become a legacy project within the institution.

In 2018, the Moose Hide Campaign Logo has now been placed in the VIU Gymnasium demonstrating the institution’s commitment to the campaign. VIU also hosted the CCAA National Male Soccer Championships (over 245 male athletes) and had the Moose Hide Campaign as the National Charity Partner. Over 7,500 pins have been distributed through Vancouver Island University. Vancouver Island University currently has 16,175 students enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate programs.